Hanukkah Gift Guide: Day 2 or T minus 7 days


Seven days left until Hanukkah and four more incredible gift ideas at your disposal:
(from top left, clockwise)

* Please note: all items are available for purchase online. Links provided below.

Just because your man has a jobby job these days, doesn’t mean he’s no longer cool. Remind him of his hipper, younger times with this vinyl record business card holder by Israeli design studio Groovy. The humorous creations of Tel Aviv-based Groovy designers Dannit and Yinnon Simhi utilize recycled materials and readymade objects within a “special combination of retro and active.” This holiday season, make his cubicle synonymous with cool. Available here.

Warm up your woman with these plush, fleece bootie/knee high slippers by the luxurious Israeli fashion and accessory designer Sharon Brunsher. Available in black, grey and even red, Brunsher’s Fall/Winter collection is inspired by Paris, romance and falling in love. The material is textural, rich, soft and downright sexy. Extra padding in the sole, means even more cozy comfort for her soul. Available here.

Immortalize your kids in this playful, handmade picture frame by Israeli craft artist Irushka where a sweet giraffe nuzzles a rich wooden base. Not too childish and not too babyish, this 3D frame easily makes a sophisticated statement either displayed on your mantle or hung in your child’s room. It says: I’ve got taste (and good looking kids). Available here on etsy.

Heading home for Hanukkah? Imagine the shockwaves you’ll send when you place this serving plate from Groovy Israeli design studio on your family’s Martha Stewart-perfect holiday table. This glass plate set atop two small pewter hammers will break convention and open conversation – the perfect gift for someone with a sense of humor and a bit of moxey in their design taste. Available here.