Ho Ho Here – the Israeli Magic Christmas Tree


As the Jewish State you don’t get all the Christmas hoopla that you do in the US or UK for example. The highway to Bethlehem is lit up with Christmas lights and there are a few tree-decked areas for our Christian citizens and friends, but overall, the day passes – at work – without much fanfare. So if you’re in Israel and hard-pressed for some tree-based excitement in your home – or if you’re abroad and want the holiday spirit to never end – check out the Magic Tree from Israeli design company, FRAT which somehow is now a special gift and advertising product division of Landers Trading though the English site doesn’t mention it. So I don’t understand who’s in charge of what, and who cares because this thing is funny.

Although diminutive in size (miniature) and material (cardboard), the designers claim the Magic Tree is “a combination of art, science and creation”. And here’s why: You place the tree in in a plastic dish (provided) and pour on a liquid that is also provided in the package. Within hours, the paper balls grow into snowball-size and shape leaves/ tree decorations! Rave reviews also reveal that the Magic Tree comes with ‘leaf balls’ of various colors and little sparkles on them that glitter in the ‘wind’ (if you blow on it). And it’s fun for the whole family, especially if your irritating relatives need something to keep them occupied, and for hours. You could even insist they remain quiet until the thing is fully bloomed – which is anywhere from 2-10 hours! And for a whopping 15 NIS – approx. $3.25 USD – you can buy an entire enchanted forest and still have money left over for presents.

My only question is whether setting up the Magic Tree means you only receive miniature presents that fit under it?

Happy holidays!