Grids and Curves: Arik Levy’s New Shapes For 2008

Arik Levy Level Bookcase_1 Zanotta.jpg

Design-headquarters Unica Home are featuring several new Arik Levy designs for 2008, including this Mondrian-esque ‘Level Bookcase’ by Levy for leading Italian modern home design company, Zanotta. Levy thinks of storage and display in this linear combination of boxes and lines, black and color. I especially like how the modern look is clearly a highlight in itself, but the openness of the bookcase also seems to allow the displayed objects to take (over) the spotlight.


And if large furniture isn’t what your home needs right now, take a look at the perfectly curved glass Mitos set by Levy for the prestigious Czech hand made glass company, Sklárny Kv?tná. The centuries-old company’s Design Collection is the latest in a series of the company’s designs which has already been recognized by a number of awards, including Levy’s Mitos collection which won the 2008 Design Plus award.

Levy was among the first three designers invited to create original works for the company. He was joined by internationally acclaimed industrial designers Jean-Marie Massaud and Marco Sousa Santos. Each was invited to design a drink service from hand-blown glass, complete with red and white wine glasses, champagne flutes, water glasses, carafes, and other table accessories.

To me, Levy’s collection balances the circular shape of hand-blown glass atop a narrow base. The overall aesthetic seems delicate but strong, like a weird combination of masculine and feminine. Calling attention to the inherent nature of glass – fragile and transparent – but playing with its strength of purpose – containing and presenting. Overall, pure genius. Is there anything Arik Levy can’t do? And by ‘do’ I mean amazingly.