Where Israeli Design Can Stuff It: Anat Safran’s Pitapocket

So I headed over to the Designed in Israel 08 exhibition in Tel Aviv last night and was really floored by some of the works which I’ll be sharing with you throughout the week. There were plenty of yawn items – including many technological advances, which will probably be appearing in some James Bond movie soon, and other pretentious I’m-an-art-student-and-I-can-change-the-world designs. There were plenty of eco-friendly green innovations which I’ll be sharing on Green Prophet later this week. And some funky Judaica items which I’ll also be talking about with the members of the Modern Tribe. But first, you have to check out my favorite item at the entire expo: Introducing the Pita Pocket by Israeli designer Anat Safran!


Designed by Anat Safran as part of her creative line of ‘container items’ from purses to passport and ticket organizers to business card holders to change purses. The pita pocket is everything Israeli/ Middle Eastern without the politics of identity, religion, ethnicity or just plain politics. Everyone loves pita, everyone eats pita. It’s the quintessential Israeli/ Middle Eastern staple. Food and eating are the fabric of our society and culture and, punningly enough, reprinted here in detail on the pocket’s fabric. Each one is handmade and printed, rendering each pita pocket unique. As Safran explains, “Instead of falafel – small change. Instead of fried eggplant – an mp3 player.” The pitapocket surely offers those missing Israel a pleasant alternative to those cheesy tourist items. Plus, it evokes the amazing flavors of Israel without drenching your purse in tehina.

At the Designed in Israel 08 exhibition, Pita pockets fresh from the oven

Read more about Safran’s design background and interesting source of inspiration – a discarded French dictionary? – here on her infobag English site.