Out of Office and Links I’m Loving

Sorry I’ve been behind on my posts lately – actually I’m behind on my flickr pics too. Yikes! Things have a way of piling up on you even when they’re fun and interesting. My only excuse is that I’m battling a cold/ flu thing that’s leaving me brain dead with exhaustion. So to make it up to you, I’m going to continue the work theme this week because I have a lot more to write about including: a beautiful work space by Israeli industrial and interior designer Daniel Fintzi, working in the kitchen and unique office furniture designs from Israel – or how we like to look while working here. So please stay tuned and bear with me as I start to be able to breathe out of both nostrils… well, one’s a start right?

In the meantime, here are some interesting links about Israeli designers and artists making waves in the news:


~ The Wall Street Journal asks, “Is it art or just really expensive furniture?” Great question. Great article. And leading the discussion visually – the first photo featured – is Israeli design legend Ron Arad‘s aluminum “After Thought” series (2007), at the Jablonka gallery space at the Frieze Art Fair last fall as featured above. Also peppering the discussion are works by Israeli design superstar Arik Levy.

~ Israeli contemporary artist Michal Rovner is interviewed in the Brooklyn Rail as her installation piece Makom II, meaning place or location, finishes its last week on view at the Pace Wildenstein Gallery.

~ For those of you in West Palm Beach, Florida, the Armory Art Center is celebrating Israeli Art month with an exhibition on Israeli textile art called “A Common Thread”. The month-long exhibition is accompanied by lectures and workshops by Israeli designers in the fields of fashion, jewelry and textiles.