Coffee Beans Are Good for Your Heart: Or So Bezalel Student Designers Start


Heart-Beans is a coffee grinder that uses lay-zer-beams to detect your heart rate – the pulse of which fuels the machine. Designed by students at Bezalel as part of a course called ‘Food for Thought’, the coffee grinder doubles as a statement on our culture of consumption; our obsession with objects; and our worshiping of technology. As they explain, “To use this object, you must caress it and hug it, much like as a baby is held, the user inevitably bonds with it, emotionally.”

Currently a prototype, Heart-Beans has been making the media rounds on everything from Dexigner to Yanko Design to Gizmodo and for good reason. It’s pretty cool. It’s pretty smart. Everyone loves coffee – ‘cept for those snooty tea drinkers. And it’s technology with heart as you can see in the video below.

If you really think about it, Heart-Beans is like one of those Jetson kitchen appliances we all dreamed about living with when we got older and things got more ‘futurized’. It’s the robot that fulfills your innermost desire. In this case, coffee. Deep, rich and dark, from the bottom of your heart (beat). Ground with love – or whatever else you’ve got brewing inside.