Gat to Get it: Southern Israeli City Kiryat Gat Gets Urban Redesign by MIT Students

Kiryat Gat, Israel Urban Plan

Giving new vitality to a sleepy Israeli town, MIT students join Israeli researchers in an exciting international collaboration for urban renovation. Reported by Ariel Schwartz, Senior Editor, at Co.Exist:

“In the 1950s, rapidly built planned cities (also known as “development towns”) sprung up in Israel to accommodate the influx of new citizens, including Jewish refugees from Arab countries and Holocaust survivors. Now many of these development towns are struggling due to depopulation and an aging populace. Teams of MIT graduate students and researchers at Tel Aviv University are using one –named Kiryat Gat–as a living lab for a new kind of high-tech, environmentally sound planned city. The goal is to create a plan for Kiryat Gat that can be used in urban communities around the world…” More here.