Israeli Design Democracy by Peleg Design and Ototo or How to Keep Design Fun and Engaging for All

I’m so excited for this Friday! Im going to be participating in a focus group for super cool Israeli designers Peleg Design and Ototo! They are creating some new products and looking for some democracy-style design input from the less designing-savvy and more designy-loving among us natives.

I’ve been a fan of both Peleg Design and Ototo for a long time now. Their incorporation of functionality, aesthetics and humor had me at ha. It’s about not taking oneself too seriously, or design too seriously, and is about making design accessible – in every aspect of our lives from the office to the kitchen – and even allowing design to be fun. Just take a look at the new and featured products above to see what I mean.

Top left: Domino tabletop candle stand by Peleg Design
Top middle: Zip It bookmark by Peleg Design
Top right: Charging Charlie cable holder by Peleg Design
Bottom left: Tea Sub by Ototo
Bottom middle: Bunny Pops popsicle stick molds by Ototo
Bottom right: Rollertape desktop tape holder by Ototo