About this blog

Say it slowly and you’ll get it: De-sign-ist Dream. Where art and design and the Holy Land meet. Both in my life and now, on this blog. My eyes are the most active tools I have, appreciating beauty, complexity and expression wherever it inspires me. Having left America to settle in Israel, armed with two Art History degrees and a whole ‘lotta naivete, I was instantly struck by the level of craftsmanship, sophistication and complexity of Israel’s visual culture. I soon realized that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know about this burgeoning scene. And I wasn’t the only one who wanted to know more.

Enter the blog. I don’t aspire to neatly wrap up or define a package of Israeli art and design. My approach is loose: anything I find aesthetically pleasing – or, in certain cases, incredibly displeasing – but mostly what’s inspiring and inspired qualifies. And the material or media covered will run the gamut – from architecture and industrial design to print media and photography to jewelry and handmade crafts.

Drawing on my professional experience in major museums and galleries in the US, Europe and Israel (especially if internships count), I hope to demonstrate the depth, range and color of Israeli art and design. What attracts, engages or amuses. Or just opens the discussion. Designers from and in Israel are invited to send submissions of works for reviews, news of product launches or invitations to exhibitions. I want Designist Dream to be the start of a community for artists, designers and admirers of Israeli design in Israel and around the world – and invite you all to join.

ziva_avatar.jpgAbout me

Ziva Haller Rubenstein moved to Israel from the US after completing her MA in Art History at Tufts University in Medford, MA. Her professional experience ranges from art and culture magazines and non-profit art educational organizations to museums and galleries in the US, UK and Israel. After avidly reading many of the big art and design blogs for years, she is excited to join the ranks with a focus on Israel’s contribution to the art and design community. She lives in Modiin with her husband, Harry, daughter, Tzofi, and dog, Noonie.